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Share and Save: Four Sharing Programs That Get the Heart of Condo Living

Condominium living is, in a lot of ways, living in the heart of our modern sharing economy (share and save). Tenants and owners in every condo building across Toronto pool what they've got to turn it into more: an exercise room instead of a hundred gym memberships, or a theatre room instead of a hundred movie tickets. That ethic isn't just about living space, though. There … [Read More...]

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Spadina and Queen

Neighbourhood Focus: Queen and Spadina

  Once the heart of Toronto's indie culture scene, Queen and Spadina absorbed a wave of high-end retail in the early 2000s and turned from the place you went to get band bootlegs into the destination for designer boots. But once the hot new businesses … [Read More...]

Rent a condo in Scarborough

Four Reasons to Rent a Condo in Scarborough

Scarborough's got to be the town with the most mixed-up, contentious rep in the GTA: it's some people's fiercely-loved hometown, some people's ground zero for the Toronto music scene, and some people's wilds of Scarberia (neighbours, we've got to stop the hate … [Read More...]

Rent the condo

How to Rent the Condo That’s Right for You

You've decided: Yes, you want a condo. Now, which condo? Not all condos are created equal, and what'll be the best! place! ever! for one person can easily be an insufferable set of limits for another.  Here are some questions to consider, decisions to … [Read More...]