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How to Rent the Condo That’s Right for You

You've decided: Yes, you want a condo. Now, which condo? Not all condos are created equal, and what'll be the best! place! ever! for one person can easily be an insufferable set of limits for another.  Here are some questions to consider, decisions to make, and quick tips to make sure that the condo you rent is the condo that's right for you—before you put your name on … [Read More...]

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Etobicoke civic centre farmers market

Get Outside: Etobicoke Civic Centre

Since amalgamation swept Etobicoke's old city council off to Nathan Phillips Square, the Etobicoke Civic Centre's been a space that's deliberately repurposing to meet the needs of its new neighbours.  With condominiums rising in the West Village development … [Read More...]

How to clean green

How to Clean Green in Your Toronto Condo

Toronto's become more and more environmentally conscious—and when you're twenty floors up, and it's that much harder to vent chemical fumes out the windows, a commitment to green and non-toxic living can become that much more personal. While you're lowering … [Read More...]