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Analysis: Planning for a Potential Toronto Vacancy Tax

Toronto's housing market is on fire—and drawing the concern of governments, experts, and real estate associations alike as prices and sales rates keep on growing month after month after month. With Queen's Park actively considering a slew of measures to cool Toronto's tumultuous housing market—including a tax on vacant units and homes—we're going to focus in on some of the … [Read More...]

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Rent the condo

How to Rent the Condo That’s Right for You

You've decided: Yes, you want a condo. Now, which condo? Not all condos are created equal, and what'll be the best! place! ever! for one person can easily be an insufferable set of limits for another.  Here are some questions to consider, decisions to … [Read More...]

Renting a condo in Toronto

Six Tips for Renting a Condo in Toronto

Whether you're fresh out of school and moving into town for your first Toronto job, or moving closer into the downtown to take advantage of the restaurants, the culture, and the scene, it's time to rent a condo in Toronto—so, where to start? With more than … [Read More...]