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Affordable Art

Five Easy Ways to Pick Up Affordable Art for Your Condo

You've unpacked and settled into your new condo, and while the space is warm and cozy, the walls are looking a little bare. Since painting is usually off the table, the next best solution is to hang something with personality. Before you head to a poster sale, though, high-quality art isn't just for oil tycoons. If you're on a budget and looking to spruce up your wall space, … [Read More...]

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How to clean green

How to Clean Green in Your Toronto Condo

Toronto's become more and more environmentally conscious—and when you're twenty floors up, and it's that much harder to vent chemical fumes out the windows, a commitment to green and non-toxic living can become that much more personal. While you're lowering … [Read More...]

Avani DelRentals Tridel Rental – THE EXPERIENCE

We received this email from our tenants that just moved in and we wanted to share it with you: Moving from our beautiful home city of Auckland, New Zealand to the big bright city lights of Toronto our first step was to find a place we could call our new … [Read More...]